Gallery of the Canticle

In 1964 the Gallery of the Canticle came into existence at San Damiano. It wasthe brainchild of Fr. Giulio Mancini ofm, who thought to create a space for an exhibition of art which would celebrate the founding text of Italian literature. The aim was, and remains, ambitious: to transmit the enthusiasm of St. Francis for "The Most High, Omnipotent and Good Lord" through the language of art, in particular drawings, picture and sculpture.
The mainstay of the collection is made up of a series of original engravings inspired by the Canticle. They are the work of a group of Umbrian masters, all followers of the school of Fr. Diego Donati, a Friar Minor who - from the 1950s to the 1990s - was a reference point for many young artists who wished to discover the secrets of xylography.
Over the years, not only established artists of international calibre (such as Piero Casentini, Gino Covili and Giorgio Longhin) but also emerging young artists have contributed to the enrichment of the "Gallery of the Canticle", presenting new interpretations of the perennial Franciscan message.
The exhibition room,  radically re-styled and re-decorated in recent times, is a space where art meets faith. Here every pilgrim can discover the song of beauty, humanity and fraternity that Francis lifted up to God. "Praised be you my Lord with all your creatures...".

The Gallery can be accessed during the opening hours of the Sanctuary.
Entrance is free.

In the Gallery of the Canticle you can buy books on St. Francis and St.Clare, a parchment copy of the Canticle of the Creatures and a series of other books for children on the story of St. Francis and St. Clare, including The Little Flowers.


                                      The books can also be acquired online, and you chose the book you want below.

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi

For children


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